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「 我對待皮革猶如藝術品,      看上的不只是耐用、好看, […]

SOBDEALL形象店 店長愛用品分享

「 我對待皮革猶如藝術品,


     更是它的堅韌、可塑性、質感。 」



Every day in the leather-filled Luthi Daxin Park, looking at each leather,

From production to display in front of guests, the store manager has a sense of sharing,

Why do you like leather goods, or even join the leather goods industry?

I fell in love with the industry when I came into contact with bag design and leather in college.

And decided to continue their studies, in the student years, also hand-made their own design of leather bags,

It is because I have tried, to understand more in the world of leather goods,

“Kung Fu is not overnight”, leather technology is not just a technology,

More of them are the insistence of the craftsmen on the details, and the thought and spirit that they have put into over the years.




So why do you like leather?

The store manager quipped, “I treat leather like a work of art, and I see it as more than durability, it’s good-looking,

It is also its toughness, plasticity, texture. Because of the appreciation of the value behind leather goods,

At the same time, wearing leather goods, more appropriate to their own ideas and personality,

Tough, malleable, textured, that’s what she’s after in life.

So when we buy leather,

Why not cultivate one

What about the vision of “understanding the value of the object”?



After reading the store manager’s share, let’s also take a look at so love leather shop manager, weekday work love leather bar!



“The lightweight and convenient top-buttoned backpack is also the first choice for many people to get started, and is very easy and practical, whether it’s for work or out-of-town use,
Usually used to carry a notebook with you for daily records, put in the back backpack just good!



“Normally like listening to music, pay attention to current events, headphones are a must-have, with Airipods holp can protect it safely, but also very textured, shaped my style.”


“Choose this long blue clip, its design is light, with zippered change bag on the back, their own habits to organize, keep clean and tidy, so the wallet is thin, is a necessary condition for my choice, capacity is streamlined, more able to form the habit of regular finishing.” In addition, calm blue, is my favorite color!

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Top buckle small backpack |Airpods headphone holp | simple press buckle clip )

Blue is a special color for the period limit

Buckle the small backpackAirPods headset holpSimply press the fastener clip



Q: How often?
Leather is like contact with people, so the best way to maintain it is to use him.
SOBDEALL leather is made of leather made from plantation, the leather itself is the same as human skin with pores, so it will absorb the oil and moisture on the hands, forming a natural protection.
Usually use dry cotton cloth wipe or use a horse brush to clean dust to do simple cleaning can be done, do not deliberately oil, to avoid oil accumulation, if there is dirt is recommended to deal with immediately, so as not to accumulate over time lead to poor leather condition.
Maintenance oil is used for about 1-2 months to maintain the skin’s good “skin”.

Q: What if I accidentally get contaminated with water or alcohol?
Leather contaminated with water and trace amounts of alcohol, should immediately use dry cotton cloth “suck dry” moisture, avoid hard wipe, and put in the bag into the newspaper ball to absorb moisture, and then naturally dry in the shade. Avoid exposure to the sun or use a hairdryer to dry, bake, because the leather will be heated and deformed, cracked, and finally, wipe with leather maintenance oil to place a cool, dry, ventilated place. Remind you, if you get a large area of alcohol, leather may have obvious depression, darkening condition, can not be handled Oh!

Q: How do I store my collection when the leather parts are not in use?
After the bag maintenance, when the collection remember to plug into the white paper ball and can be replaced according to the humidity of the residence 4-5 months, not only moisture-proof can also maintain the shape of the package to prevent deformation.
Taiwan weather is mostly wet and moldy, remember not to use plastic bags to pack up the bag, this will make the leather completely stuffed, but the use of dust bags and placed in a cool, dry, airy place.

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