Course B Notepad (no pen attached)


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How do I take a hand-made experience course? 】
Step1: Styles and Color Picks – B Combinations
For more styles, please refer to the other product pages.

Step2: Sign up for a course, appointment time
Order course styles before the official website (styles are divided into A-E groups according to price)
Then private information Lu Si Daxin Park FB powder special appointment course time
Reservations are required three working days in advance

1. Courses are scheduled to start from 13:00 Monday to Sunday (Tuesday holidays)
2. Up to 8 persons per class, up to the end of the course.
3. This experience includes a “hand-made leather course and a meal package” that can be served before and after the course, and meals are selected on-site according to the specified items.
4. Meals and drinks need to be replaced with $ $320/$130 difference.
5. This hand-made leather course can be purchased accommodation experience, can be directly under the official website under a single two-day tour, welcome private letter fan page inquiries.


尺寸 18.5 × 10 × 1.5 cm
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